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Good Design ELEVATES

Bravura’s President, Jim Walters emphasizes the power of architecture and the potential of good design.

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Bravura wins ASLA Merit Award for the Moss Gibbs Woodland Garden!

Open to the public for less than a week, the Moss Gibbs Woodland Garden is already winning awards!

Come out to The Parklands of Floyds Fork to see what all the hype is about!

American Society of Landscape Architects – Kentucky
Merit Award for Constructed Work

The project’s significance is that it implemented a method of “editing”, “hyper native planting”, “hyper contextuality” and a rigorous sensitivity to constructing with a light footprint. The project is unique in that it requires a design sensitivity to existing context, and delicate construction approach in order to minimize destruction to this special place. It combines woodland restoration and “conservation” method with a “gardenesque” approach.

Design Team: Bravura Architects, Patrick Henry, Tom Smarr, and Rick Darke



The Woodland Garden Continues to Grow

Exciting things are happening at The Parklands of Floyds Fork! Stay tuned for the next phase of The Woodland Garden- featuring this dry laid stone bridge.



Rolling Stone Magazine names Old Forester Distillery “Best Bourbon Experience”

Music wasn’t the only thing that got Rolling Stone’s attention during Forecastle Festival- Bravura Architecture’s Old Forester Distillery also made the top 15 list!

Best Bourbon Experience: Old Forester
The presence (and scent) of bourbon looms large over Forecastle, with the centerpiece the annual Bourbon Lodge. A massive tent located on the festival grounds, the refuge is stocked with enough booze to turn the already muddy Ohio River an even deeper brown. Iconic Kentucky brands Wild Turkey, Jim Beam and Maker’s Mark all represent, but this year it was the 148-year-old Old Forester that had the most buzz, thanks in part to the June opening of a new distillery on Louisville’s Whiskey Row. It’s a bourbon fan’s dream, and even features its own on-site team of coopers building, charring and rolling out the barrels. J.H.



Bravura’s Old Forester Distillery Opens


Take a first look at Bravura’s Old Forester​ Distillery and then book your tour for an even closer look (and taste)!

See more of the distillery here.




First a Park: Buildings as Landscape


Bravura is excited to share our proposal for The Wheelhouse Project in Louisville’s Smoketown neighborhood!

See more of this vision for Smoketown here.




Take a bite of “contemporary coolness” at Bravura’s Birracibo!


The Courier-Journal describes the atmosphere at Bravura’s Birracibo as “a giant bite of contemporary coolness imparted by sleek textures, natural wood and that’s really neat lighting. On a scale of one to five, five being distinct and detailed without stretching for effect, the interior is a five.”

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The Parklands of Floyds Fork is quickly becoming the “favorite new park in the country”!


Inspired by Frederick Law Olmsted, Bravura’s The Parklands of Floyds Fork is quickly becoming the “favorite new park in the country” and inspiring park design from coast to coast!

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